20200707 - Ghost Left

20200707 - Up in the am and D out early to stand in line at the BMV and get license plates. L&J to the dentist, J got a filling. I got G and Luke up and Luke's dad stopped by to get him. I had calls and email all morning. L&D headed to Old Navy and J headed out to make t-shirts with friends and ended up back at our hose. Had a busy afternoon at the desk. L ran G to his game, D took off for Chillicothe for a game and J went to a friends. L came back to get me as I finished up. To the field and it rained buckets. I got a pic of the boys and later found a ghost in the pic, look left. Game rained out so we headed to BWs for dinner and it took forever but was good. Home and shipped some ebay things and watched TV with L. D home, they played in the rain on turf and won. J spending the night somewhere.