20200711 - 2 Good Wins

20200711 - Up late and L&G down to the pool and then to the beach with some of the boys from the team. I hung back and got some things done for the Boosters. Everyone back to the hotel and L headed home with Janel and Trent is going to stay with us. We headed to the game and picked our dugout, but the other team wanted it and it was a stressful mess with the coaches arguing over it... We conceded and moved to the 1st base side and the boys played their best baseball yet this year. We stomped them 18-0 and it was a good win. One of the new dads came to the dugout and yelled at the boys 'FOOT TO THE THROAT!!!' over and over and I told him to stop, we had already beat them 18-0 and he did not like that. Not to mention how inappropriate it was to say that after George Floyd was just murdered by a knee to his throat and all the riots that happened... NOT GOOD and there was tension, he was mad at me. I didn't care, I was right...  Gma&paW were there for the game, they picked a good one to watch. Game 2 was also a great game! The boys played awesome and secured us the number 4 seed for the tournament. Back to hotel, everything fine with the shouting dad... To bed in good time before things got out of hand.