20200718 - 2 Games & Dinner

20200718 - Up early for a Saturday and headed to baseball fields in Newark. We dropped G off and L&I ran to bank to get cash so we could park. We didn't know it was the wrong field so we got the cash and hurried back to pick G up along the road. Finally found the field and played some baseball. The boys won the first one easy and then tied the second one. G was a mess, his mouth really hurts him so we swung through Panera on the way home and got him some soup. L&I colled down for a minute and then swung by UDF for some gas and then  headed to Dublin to watch D play, saw a blimp. After D's game L&I headed to the McClain's for a cook out. We swung through Kroger to get some stuff to take  and I forgot my watermelon. To the McClain's and had dinner. D showed up for a bit. Bill & I chatted while L& Tiff rearranged patio a hundred times. Stayed and chatted until G called in a panic because he heard a noise and the light were mysteriously going off. Home and relaxed the rest of the night. To bed early for more baseball tomorrow.