20200704 + Knee High!

20200704 + Up in the am and LDG&I headed to Newcomerstown for the day. GpaB cooked a huge plate of shish kabobs and GmaB&L had a hundred plates of sides we passed around and stuffed ourselves. After the feast we looked at all of GpaB's guns and watched the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. G&I walked back to look at the ball fields, they are all grown up from not being used. We hung out and chatted and stayed out of the heat. It was a very nice visit. Home and L spent a long time cleaning up the mess D's friends made in the basement while D took off to spend the night with some friends. G hung out and played on the Xbox. J got home late and told us all about his adventures in Myrtle Beach. L was shaking like a leaf due to all the fireworks being shot off. Because there were no city sponsored fireworks this year everyone up and down the road and you could hear them all over town.