20200501 - Poly On!

20200501 - Up in the am, not as early as I would have liked but we got rolling. L got all the patch spots sanded and then we vacuumed and tack clothed the floors. The first coat went on and it looks pretty good. I got logged in to work and worked the rest of the day and got a ton of month-end and month-start activities done. I sent D to Lowe's to get some more supplies, just to make sure we don't run out, we used more than expected in the first coat. I finished the day and ordered some pizza that D&G went to pick up. We had a pizza feats and J came home from skateboarding and ate late. At 6pm L&I got back out on the floor, tack clothed it again and started the 2nd coat. It went a bit faster than last time and really looks good. We spent some time finding drips and places we missed or put it on too think, it was driving us crazy so we left it go and headed in to watch TV and research if we really had to put 3 coats on (the answer is YES you have to put 3 coats on). I had D&J help get our mattress upstairs and L&G got our makeshift room set up. We watched TV /Movies etc while the boys were on their electronics until the midnight shift and time for the 3rd coat. Pros at it now we had the 3rd coat on and looking great in no time (1am). We even had less drips and puddles to deal with too. We sat on the back porch chatting about the job a we looked over and saw the back half of Lilly entering through the open french doors, right on to our new floor!!!  We both screamed at her and ran to the door. Lilly came running out leaving polyurethane footprints right down the back steps and we spent the next half an hour covering her tracks. Exhausted we washed up a bit and headed out the garage, in through the front door and up the steps to go to bed.