20200512 + Locksmith

20200512 + Up in the am and got L started on the 1st coat of poly for the rest of the steps. I got Lilly and I some toast and started in to work email and calls. I spent a busy productive day in the office. L got the boys up and started and then her second coat of poly on at 3pm. D&G ran to the grocery.

I finished up my day and come out to teach G how to rekey locks and we rekeyed enough for the whole house. L made a roast today and we ate, J showed up about 2 hours late from skateboarding... 

I headed back in to the office for a Scout Committee Meeting that lead in to a Board of Review. We had 1 Scout advance and one review an Eagle Project. After the Scout meetings L helped me put the new locks on the doors. L put her last coat of poly on the steps and then G&I headed down to watch '12 Monkeys', what a great movie!