20200525 + Relaxing Day

20200525 + Up in the am and D already at Home Depot for work, he went in at 6am! L&I had some bfast and then we organized our day and spent an hour and 45 min getting J up. J finally up and he got way up on the ladder and got the area I couldn't get to yesterday. J got himself rinsed off and LJ&I headed to the Post Office, CVS and Home Depot to get supplies and G headed out on his bike with Trent to go fishing. We got out supplies, saw D at work and headed home. Home and J took off to do some skateboarding with his buddies and L&I hung out at home and watched the neighbors grass grow. L planted her plants in her new flower boxes and I listed everything I had on ebay. D got home, chatted with us a min, showered and headed to DGF10's for the night. G and Trent showed up. Trent wrecked his bike so L removed the bandages G applied and then got him fixed up. G and Trent went to Trent's to hang out and have dinner. L&I installed the big carpet transition from living room to dining room and it looks amazing, the floors are finally done!. We had a nice dinner on the back porch and relaxed watching some TV and the Mallonns came over for a bourbon tasting and social distancing visit. It was a nice evening. J and Conor showed up and we chatted a bit before everyone headed home. Waited up watching some TV with G until D got home and headed to bed.