20200521 - Step Painter

20200521 - up in the am and had 2 calls right at the start. Got a call from Wendy's, "Where is Jack? he was supposed to be here at 11?". So I got J up and sent him to work. Got myself together and headed out. Went to the post office and a place in Blacklick to pick up a laptop for work and then headed to the Scout Store. The Scout Store was at least open this time, so I got my stuff and got out of there. Home and processed all the Scout awards and then back in to work stuff. L painting the steps in the basement, DGF10 showed up and they went looking at cars, G in the shed. I finished the day and came out for dinner. We ate and then G back to the shed, D&DGF10 upstairs and L&I hung out watching Wipeout. J home and had a blast at work, all smiles. To bed and boys up late.