20200510 - Mother's Day

20200510 - Up in the am and started prepping the floor for touching up. I got the boys up and they wished L a happy Mother’s Day. She got herself together as I touched up the floors and then D&J ran out to get her a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye’s (they are the best!). We ate and then the boys decided to take a bike ride with L. After some attempts to repair the bikes they gave up and L&D walked while J travels on his skateboard and G on his bike. I called GmaW and chatted for a bit before putting the first coat of poly on the basement steps. I then cut out the thresholds, fitted them and got a coat of poly on them. D ran to the store to get a controller and return some stuff to Home Depot for me.  D home and he and J ran out to get Raising Cane’s for dinner. We all ate in the living room together and then the boys headed up the their electronics. L got on FaceTime with her girlfriends and I put another coat on the steps and the thresholds. G&I headed to the basement and watch a GREAT MOVIE, Convoy. G loved it. After the movie G headed to bed and I waited until 1am and then put another coat of poly on the steps and thresholds.