20200531 - Early Practice

20200531 - Up WAY TOO early and L&I drove G to Chillicothe so he could have baseball practice in the Chillicothe Paints stadium. It was pretty cool and the boys had fun. G was the only one to get a hit from his team. We headed home and got Rax for lunch on the way. Home and I took a nap. L did stuff around the house. D was at work and J headed to work. G rode his bike with friends and played on the Xbox all day. In the evening L&I ran to Popeye's for a spicy chicken sandwich (BEST SANDWICH EVER). We then watched some TV until D got home and chatted with him about work and the car, he still thinks it is a great deal. D headed up to watch more videos for work. I stayed up watching the crazy rioters, waiting for J to get home.