20200430 + READY!

20200430 + Up in the am and had bfast with L and Lilly. Got some emails done and the work day started. Got D up and we ran to Home Depot to return the sanding equipment we got yesterday and pick up a finishing sander and other supplies for today's work. Home and L did the finish sand coat on the whole floor and G started doing all the corners and edges. I took a couple calls and dug in to work. G was having issues with batteries and sanding pads so D went back to Home Depot to get more stuff. the new tools made a big difference in getting the corners done quickly. L got a bit frustrated waiting on batteries to charge to sent D back to the store to get a plug in sander. After I finished my work day I climbed behind the plastic veil with L and used some of the sawdust we ahve made to create wood filler and went around and filled in some of the bigger holes and scratches int he floor. We were up late working on final prep. We are ready for putting polyurethane down tomorrow so took down all the plastic and tape to be ready. G&I headed to the basement to watch 'Romancing the Stone', a great action movie from the 80s'.