20200528 - Flower Girl

20200528 - Up in the am and right on a call. Walked some folks through an app I made them and then spent the rest of the day makes the changes they wanted and cleaning things up. L Busy redoing the upstairs everywhere. D up and watching training videos before heading to DGF10's. J up and wanting to be out all day, but got called back to work and had to come home early. G up and out screaming in the shed and then out on the bike to who knows where. I took a break during the afternoon to run extension cords over to the neighbor so he could work on his lawn. Bill & Tom swung by as I was finishing up and we sat on the back porch and had some beers and dinner. They took off and I headed in and L&I watched 'The Decline' a movie about preppers and later when G came in G&I watched 'Silencer' an action flick before heading to bed.