20200503 - "Special' Group

20200503 - Up in the morning and the floor looks great. L made some cinnamon toast stuff and we got the boys up and tried to watch some of Joel Oesteen, but we couldn't find his sermon for the day.  LD&G tried to put some new beans in G's bean bag, that was fun to watch. L worked in the yard, J went skateboarding and D&I got around and headed to Kroger for a meat run. We got LOADS of meat as we heard there was a shoortage headed our way. At the checkout we exceeded the meat limits so they took some from us :-o pretty strange thing to have happen. We loaded up our groceries and headed across town to the other Kroger and went in as 2 separate parties and got the meat they took from us. Home and unpacked everything and got it in deep freezer. Headed up to the garage where I continues to get things put away and organized. L cooked us a good meal from our meat run and we all had a nice dinner on the back porch. After dinner I finished up in the garage and then in to watch some TV with L. All to bed in our cramped quarters upstairs. G&I stayed up and watched an old Clint Eastwood movie, 'Every Which Way But Loose'. It had G&I LOL. Good show.