20200509 - Distant Visit

20200509 - Up in the am and have a huge list of things to get done. I handed out jobs and everyone got busy. L touched up more paint. D helped me cut and install the new handrail and then take it back up to the shop. J did some sanding and then took off skateboarding. DGF10 showed up and D and her headed out to return some stuff at Lowe’s and do some shopping at Target. I then sanded my desk and the steps and returns Back out to the garage and sanded the handrail and applied a coat of poly to the handrail and my desk. I then got down on the office floor and cleaned it and touched up some spots. Everyone back home and L cooked us a nice dinner. L&I played Jumanji with D&DGF10. I headed out to the shop and got a second coat on the handrail and desk and then cleaned the garage from top to bottom. D got a fire going and then the McClains stopped over for a social distant beer and chat. It was a good time. After they left I put a third coat of poly on the handrail and desk and headed to bed.