20200519 - Racked

20200519 - Up in the am and got some work done. L to the school to hand out diplomas to her kids. I had a couple calls with my team and another team to get specifications for some changes they are looking for. DGF10 showed up and D and her ran some errands for me, post office and pick up auction wins. I then got a call from a guy that found an issue with some calculations in one of our tools and spent the afternoon racking my brain for a solution. It came to me and I dug in and fixed it, finishing up as the pizzas arrived for dinner. Out of the office and had dinner with LD, DGF10&J, G ran in earlier to eat fast and go back out on the Xbox. We ate and then J went upstairs and the rest of us played golf, a new card game DGF10 taught us for a bit. After the game L&I retired to the living room to hang out, watch some TV and get things done on the PC. DGF10 left as it got dark to drive home and G eventually came in and G&I watched Fight Club.