20200301 - Preparing

20200301 - Up in the am and L picked G up from his sleepover and dropped him at baseball practice. I got a couple things done. L&I ran to get groceries, she bought way more than usual because I was a long and was building up my Corona-virus stockpile. Home and D&I ran to another store to get some of the stuff that wasn't at the first. Home and Lonie there.  D&J got the supplies divided and taken to basement and Lonie & I went to the church for a talk on the future or artificial intelligence. It was a good little seminar. Home and DJ&G playing in the backyard. J in, he had to go to work and D&G in shortly after. D a little upset and G a little happy, G beat D at wiffle ball, the first time ever... D drove J to work and then went out to dinner with his friends, G resting and L&I ran out to dollar store to get more Corona-virus supplies and the McD's to pick up some food. Home and ate and watched some American Idol with L&G. Soon Chris and Vinnie showed up to watch the Walking Dead. The Dead was good and the guys took off. I got the basement and virus supplies organized. Ran to pick up J from work and he didn't come out forever. Got J home and he messed around for 1.5 hours before I shut him down at 1am.