20200318 + Game Night

20200318 + UP in the am and work was a disaster... our network was down. Our IT guy went in to the office and had a vendor come in to help. I called the supplier, paid the bill and presto we were back up... Apparently when we moved buildings we didn't change the address and we hadn't received a bill, thus hadn't paid, since November... I got our account set up for auto pay to avoid this in the future. Had a couple calls and made some good progress on the big 5G project. G&J did their school work and then G worked in the shed a bit and J&G played on their Xboxes. DG&I headed out a bit early to beat the 5pm rush hour and picked up my prescriptions, some groceries and then to Home depot to get some supplies for G's shed project. Home and L made us dinner and we played UNO for a bit. Boys headed upstairs and L&I watched some of the Outsider series we had been watching. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep.