20200329 - Getting Things Done

20200329 - Up late and L made bfast for everyone. We ate and then watched our church on YouTube, it was ok, a bit long. L headed out for a walk with Lilly, D&J headed next door and cut down the grasses on the neighbor's side, G headed out for a run. After the grasses J headed out to ride his skateboard and D&I fixed Doc's address sign in his front yard. Doc has a brand new Mercedes SUV :-o In and gathering data on the movies and series we have watched so far http://Bit.ly/WingerMovies and catching up on the Blog. I hung out in front of the TV and watched 'Citizen Kane' which is on many lists as the best movie of all time. I guess I am a movie idiot because I hove NO IDEA why anyone would claim that is one of the best movies of all time??? D ran to Home Depot to buy wood for a beer pong table and came home and worked on that most of the day. J returned soaking wet, he crashed in to the water at Creekside, but that didn't stop him from trying the unicycle. G played in the she and helped D with his project. L made hot sandwiches and soup for us so we ate and then hung out for a bit. The big boys headed upstairs and G&I stayed up and watched 'Police Academy'