20200322 + Spinning Flame

20200322 + Up very late and headed out to the shed to work on the electric with G. I found the problem by getting shocked! fixed it and presto we have electric in the shed. G brought his Xbox out, hooked it up and he's in business! L cleaned the shed out and the D&J made a supply run to the Lowe's so they had the materials for a couple projects during the break. The Governor came on the TV and is shutting the state down until April 6th, no one out unless it is essential! Finished up in the shed and headed in. Watched some TV, ESPN had marble racing and cherry pit spitting on. L and I took a walk and then did some Booster stuff. Ordered a Pizza for dinner and D&G ran to pick it up. We all had dinner and watched a couple episodes of 'The Office'. when it got dark D took JG&I to the new bridge by the church and burned steel wool, spun it and took long exposure photos, they turned out AMAZING!. Home and L&I watched American Idol and then headed to bed. I stayed up and watched 'The Walking Dead' and then some other show until I fell asleep around 2.