20200325 - Roof Repairs & Stuffed Burgers

20200325 - Up in the am and on the PC doing some work. L all over the place looking for things to do. Eventually the boys got up and I forced them out in to this beautiful day. D&G headed up to the roof of the shed to apply some rubberized tape to the seams to seal it up a bit. J headed to a skate park to practice a bit. I took a couple calls and did some more email as J got home and started cooking dinner. J cooked u s a good dinner, stuffed burgers and fresh cut french fries. We headed in and D&I watched a great movie, Platform. After that he retreated upstairs with J to get on the Xbox. I went out to tell G to come in from his shed fort and he was heading in so I hid in the shadows and scared the crap out of him. In and watched the French movie Delicatessen. Headed to bed in good time.