20200310 + NO TP

20200310 + Up a bit late and surprise I am in AFib. Got myself together and drove the back roads to the office. Got to the office and feeling much better. Put in a full day but exhausted. Headed out a bit late. Home and L made a good dinner and LG&I ate. After dinner L&I headed to Kroger where everyone in Gahanna was either there or had been there earlier in the day, this virus that is coming is freaking people out... NO TOILET PAPER! The store is also under construction so it is a mess and we couldn't find things. We went back and forth and and spent about 2 hours there and got 2 carts full of stuff. Home and J&G helped us unload. L&I put everything away and then sat down to watch the Bachelor. After the show we headed to bed and I worked till 3.