20200229 - D for Dinner

20200229 - Up in the am and did just a little in the office. Spent some time organizing the day. D showed up for a visit about midday and then Tom over and we evaluated the last spot on the 7th grade team. We finally cam up with a decision and sent out 2 emails, 1 to all those that made it and 1 to all those that didn't. We only had 1 of those that got cut ask why. L ran G to a bday party and Tom headed out, D ran J to work. When L got home LD&I ran to El Vaquero for dinner. It was a good dinner and nice conversation with D. We swung through the gas station on the way home. Home and D went over to a friends, L&I watched some TV until I had to pick J up at work. Home and to bed.