20200314 - Good Measure

20200314 - Up finished some stuff at the desk and then did Boosters stuff most of the day for Tag Day weekend. J home from a friends and right back out to work. D&G home too. G worked in the shed a bit more, measuring the distance from the shed to the house so we could get power and network out there... I cooked some burgers out on the grill and LDG&I had dinner together. J home from work and then back out to a friends for a little bit. I worked on more Booster stuff. L&I started watching the HBO series the Outsiders. J home and all 3 on their Xboxes. I finished the Booster for the night, collected $4600 for the day. Boys came down, we got snacks and headed tot he basement and watched Midway, great movie. I stayed up and got some more work stuff done