20200312 - Too Close

20200312 - Up in the am and did a bunch of stuff from bed and got myself together and headed in. In to the office and got my questions from last night answered.  Today seemed to be a day of cancellations. The Governor is shutting down schools for the next 3 weeks and the big Booster fundraising event got cancelled and NBA shut down and everyone is going crazy about the virus... L made dinner and LG&I ate, J was at work. After a bit G&I headed to his baseball practice. I chatted with one of D's buddies that works at Dbat and then with Terrill a Dr friend and he says this is crazy and it is not good for our kids to not be exposed, that is how immune systems build themselves up at a young age. After practice G&I had to take Trent home and we stopped at the grocery and got our list of final things. Glad we got all the essentials over the last 2 weeks because the shelves were bare. Home and watched some TV with L and then headed in to the office for another late night.