20200309 - Late Night

20200309 - Up in the am and in to the office. Had an extremely busy day. Got a lot done and things moving for the week. Headed home and made some calls to cancel baseball practice and  Bible Banger. Had dinner with L&G and J got home from his first day of Track practice. I headed in to the office and started working. L ran G to Practice and J headed up to his room. I got to a spot I didn't need multiple monitors so I jumped up, my heart went into AFib, I relaxed, it went back to normal, I watched some TV with L while I worked. Ran to pick G up and chatted with Tom a bit. G&I ran to Burger King to get milkshakes and a chat. I apologized for putting pressure on him in the past during baseball and let him know I don't care if he plays baseball or runs track or does nothing. If it gets to be too much just speak up and we'll take a break or change directions or whatever.  It doesn't mate what or how good he is at something, I just enjoy being with him. Home and watched some more TV with L and got stuff done. Everyone headed to bed and I headed in to the office and worked on my project until 3am.