20200315 - Hanging Out

20200315 - Up in the am and L ran G to batting practice. I got PC fired up and started blasting Tag Day stuff out. D ran to pick up G. J headed in to work. L did laundry and stuff around the house. We had several folks stop throughout the day dropping things off for Tag Day. G out in the shed and backyard working on his plans for remodeling the playhouse. I went to check on him at one point and he had hung a hammock with a couple nails... I got him some screw in eyelets and felt a bit better about him hanging in it.D&I ran some errands. We went to 3 stores and amazing how some things are just gone. Home and the Governor announced that all restaurants and bars would be closed at 9pm until further notice... This is getting serous... President on too... Hung out doing more Booster stuff and watching TV until I shut down the fundraiser, we raised $7,102 WOW!. J home. Watched some American Idol with L while the boys played on the Xboxes. headed to bed and watched The Walking Dead, it was awesome!