20191031 - Poo Foot

20191031 - Up in the am dropped J off at school. In to work through a rainy messy traffic day. A lot of folks dressed up for Halloween today at work. Many of us dressed up as Courtland, pretty funny. We had some pizza for lunch, but not the big production as last year when we were all in the office together.  Finished the day and headed home. Home and ate with L, J upstairs on Xbox and G at basketball tryout. After we ate I headed to pick up G up and waited a bit for the cut discussions... After waiting a while G came out with a big smile, he made the team!!! I ran G over to a buddies to go Trick-or-Treating and he changed in the backseat on the way. We saw his friends, I pulled over and he bolted to catch up and get some candy. I swung by the Pettit's on the way home and range the doorbell for a treat. Home and J went to a friends, they ended up trick-or-treating as well, bunch of dumb giants... L handed out candy to the few kids that come to our door. I ran and picked G up and helped inspect his candy. J home and all boys to bed. L&I up a couple more hours cleaning up from Lilly's escapade of stepping in dog poo and dragging it all over the house. It stunk horrible and we had to clean everything!!!