20191013 - J Sings

20191013 - L&I up in the am, D&G sawing logs. L&I headed to church. Home and I got the day organized and took a min to do a big Sudoku puzzle that I messed up. J home, got cleaned up, helped him with his tie and he left to pick up a buddy and go to his concert. Gma&paB stopped and chatted for a bit. D had some buddies over and they ran G to his baseball game. L and Gma&paB headed to the school to hold seats. I hung back and waited for the electrician to stop by and look at how to hook up the big generator to the house. Soon Gma&paW showed up and we headed to the high school for J's concert. The concert was great! J did good and looked so grown up. After the concert we said goodbye to D as he headed back to school and LG&I headed to Hot Chicken takeover for dinner with Gma&paW. After dinner we returned some of the unused supplies for the garage floor job to both Lowe's and Home Depot. Home for a bit and Chris over to watch The Walking Dead with J&I. Vinnie forgot about it and showed up 20 min late. No school for G tomorrow so G&I up watching baseball. G feel asleep and they hit a walk off homerun. So I rewinded it a bit, woke him up and he wanted to go to bed. I told him to just give it one more inning and POW the guy hit the walk-off and G was thrilled. I called D late to make sure he got back.