20191021 - Shocking

20191021 - Up early and L&I headed to Mount Carmel East for a couple of tests. The Dr shocked the crap out of here to try and figure out why her left side is still weird. He could find nothing out of the ordinary, except her muscles we not a 'quiet' in a resting state as normal, 'but that could be due the stress of the testing'. You mean sticking a needle in a persons body and applying an electrical charge to it would stress someone out a bit? NO! Really?! Holy crap!  Home and dropped L off and I headed in to work to get the day started. Had a fast congested day. Ducked out a bit early to meet Andy and the middle school Athletic Director. It was a good meeting. Headed home and ate with the fam. J&G to scouts. I swung by for a minute to drop off awards. Home and cleaned up the garage and moved some tables in prep for the party this weekend. Boys home, i got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit. Up way to late for how tired I was today.