20191018 + Lookout

20191018 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Not many people in today but those that were all seemed to be in my office this morning. Got a bunch of stuff done today on many fronts and finished the day prepping for next week. Home and everyone going different directions tonight. G left first with some of his buddies to go the high school football game. L&I headed out next to go to Five Guys for dinner. J waited a bit and then went with some of his friends to the football game too. After dinner L&I ran to Flanagan's Pub to meet Bill & Tiff to watch some of the Buckeye game. We left there at the start of the first quarter to go back to their house and shortly after both J&G called, their game was over, we won which was great as it was the first game after the football player passed away and everyone was there. The kids stormed the field at the end and all gathered by the band with phone lights in the air singing the alma mater, very touching. L&I picked J up at the library on the way home and we all watched the end of the Buckeye game. GO BUCKS!