20191015 - Tree Work

20191015 - Up in the am and dropped G off at school for Bible Study and then J at school. Back home and hung out waiting for the tree trimmers to show up. Took a couple work calls while waiting. Trimmers showed up and got the work done quickly. I headed in to work and had an incredibly busy day cramming a days work in to 5 hours. Got things wrapped up and headed home. L out for the evening with Tiffany at the grand opening of the new Target up the road. I got the boys off their Xboxes and sent them out in the neighborhood delivering party invites and selling wreaths and Entertainment Books while I got things ready for the stump chipping cleanup. They only had 1 sale from their efforts. JG&I then cleaned up the chips from the stump grinding. We got it as cleaned up as we could in the failing light. J ran out to get G a bday present and G&I headed to Arby's for dinner. Home and L back, told us all about the grand opening. The new neighbor came over and told me his troubles... We hunted J down and finally got him to return home... Long night.