20191019 + Axe Man

20191019 + Up too early for a Saturday. J&I ran G out to the high school varsity baseball field for a clinic. We then stopped by the high school, checked in with Andy running the fundraiser and then J broke into the concession stand for me so we could get the hot dog steamer, nacho cheese machine and a drink cooler. We then headed home and unloaded and finished digging out the left overs from the stump grinding we had done. The Mallonn's stopped by and picked up the cornhole boards. J&I shipped ebay and I then L&I ran to Home Depot to get stuff to finish the tree/yard project and decorative plants for the party next weekend.  We swung through KFC on the way home to pick up lunch. Home and ate and then had G help me unload the car, spread the topsoil, seed, straw the stump area and then take things back to the shed. LG&I headed to Sunbury for a Fall party at Steph's, one of L's dear friends. They had a shrimp boil and it was really good. G&I ate a bunch of desserts and we hung out and chatted a bit. We got L to quit blah blahing with her buddies and headed to the next party. J called from our home phone in an absolute panic... he dropped his cell phone and it is no longer working... I dropped L&G off in New Albany at John &Sara's for their wedding reception and headed home to get J to calm down. Got J settled and carried him with me back the John & Sara's. We had a nice visit with folks there and a tour of the house. Didn't stay too long as we had one more stop to make... Back in Gahanna for Penn's 50th. There were no cars int he drive when we got them but that didn't stop us. We found them on the back porch and hung out around a wonderful fire chatting for a couple of hours. WOW what a busy night full or friends and family!