20191007 - Parts

20191007 - Up in the am and G home not feeling well today. I headed in and took a couple calls on the way in. In to the building and checked in with folks on the way up to my office. Got things fired up and running for the week. Sent the entire morning on the phone with the payroll company and then the entire afternoon updating everyone's deductions so payroll will be right Friday. After that I headed down to IT to hang out with them until the system issues were fixed. Headed home about 7pm. Home and ate, L out running errands, J drove himself to Scouts and G still on the couch. I helped Bill with some plumbing issues over the phone and had some parts he needed in my warehouse. J home from Scouts, another merit badge DONE! I picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. Home, exhausted and hit deep sleep for about an hour and then up and down the rest of the night.