20191020 - Double Header

20191020 - Up late, nice relaxing morning. J got started listing a couple of things and Scout work lined up. LG&I headed to G's baseball games. G had a double header and it was the longest day of baseball in my life... G did ok and was brought in as the closer to get things under control and seal the win. His batting was not good but got better in the second game. We played until the sun went down, ran home for G to change and then i ran him to basketball open gym. Home and ate with L&J. Back to pick G up and we swung through CVS and bought some pop and a ton of candy on the way home. Home and J gone, spending the night at a friends. I headed to the basement and soon my Walking Dead buddies showed up. We watched the show and then they took off and I watched some backing show with L&G. Couldn't sleep most of the night.