20191006 - Dead Back

20191006 - LJ&G up super early and headed to downtown Columbus for a 5K race. I got up nice and late and started going through the paper. LJ&G got home and it was a rainy crappy day so we hung out around the house. J got his chores done and then JGF3 came over and helped J go through his closet and git rid of all of the clothes that no longer fit him or have holes. It was a quiet day of relaxing and getting things done. G broke out in a fever and slept most of the day, missing his baseball game, we were glad for the break... L&I ran out and picked up Cane's for dinner. We all ate and L tried to buy some new shoes, but apparently they were not the right ones and he lost his mind. Some buddies headed over and we watched the start of season 10 of The Walking Dead, looks like it is going to be a good season. After everyone left and went to bed J&I took a trip coffee and half way around 270 to chat. Home and I got a call from work that we had a system down. All systems back up at 2am and finally to bed.