20191016 - G’s 13!

20191016 - Up in the am and G was up and all excited. We watched G open some of his presents.and then I dropped J off at school and headed to work through the rain. To the desk, nice and quiet, getting things done. Left early and had a bit of a plan with one of G's teachers... I went to Courtland's house and picked up his car and then went to G's school where Brian had put cones out for me so I could park right out front of the school. Brian then called all the XC team to his office, they sang Happy Birthday to G and then Brian said 'What Grant doesn't know is that car is here to pick him up" pointing to the red Ferrari I was sitting in right in front of the school. The kids poured out of the school and surrounded the car taking pictures and videos as G climbed in and we zoomed off. G&I got home and several neighbors and friends stopped over to see the car. I gave J a ride around the block in it. After a bit G&I got dressed up and too k the Ferrari to dinner at Mitchell's downtown for a meal that blew G's mind. He was very quiet and enjoyed every single bite of the Crispy Pork Belly Skewers, Sea Salt Baked Potato, 14oz Prime New York Strip and Lava Cake à la mode. It was a fun dinner chatting with him and watching him experiencing flavors. We climbed back in the Ferrari and zoom past a hundred cars to return it to Courtland's house and chat with Missy a bit before heading home. Home and G let J try some of his left overs and he told them all about the experience. An exceptional day with G.  Happy 13th bday buddy. I love you.