20191002 - Stink Bug Patrol

20191002 - Up in the am very slow and in to the office late. Had a meeting with the IT guys and moving many things forward one step at a time. Took a break at lunch to walk to the jewelry store and trade in L's new ring for a custom one that will fit her and go with her ring better. Back to the office to finish the day and headed out in good time. Called and ordered a pizza on the way home. Stopped at the candy store because the pizzas were not done yet and bought some stuff. Got the pizzas and headed home. J&JFG3 were there and L was dropping G off to watch  a volleyball game at his school. I ran up to Tuffy to drop off my car and L picked me up. Home and ate and then after a bit ran with L to pick up G, I turned on the ice cream truck music as we pulled up to the school to get him. Home and hung out watched Aladdin before heading to bed.