20191025 - READY!

20191025 - Up SUPER SLOW in the am. Got J to school just on time, drove through McD's for a couple sausage McMuffins for bfast on the way in to the office. At the desk and getting things lined up for a busy day. Got a ton done on a database project today and left a bit later than I wanted to. Home and J&G making plans to go the football game tonight. L&I headed out for last minute party errands. We stopped at the gas station, Kroger, Burger King for drive through dinner and then back home to unload. We ate quick and then I met Jason and Penn at the church to get the Scout tent. Back home and Penn came to help L&I put up one of the tents. Then L&I put up the Scout tent. Jeff from next door came over to help with finishing touches and J&G showed up to help as well. We got a TV installed in the tents and everything looks like it is ready. To bed exhausted.