20181028 - Returning Things

20181028 - Up late and in to the office. L&G headed out to return some of G's bday gifts and do some shopping. D headed out with DGF7. J helped me clean up some of the wires in the basement, ran to the neighbors to get their wreath finalized and returned Jim's speakers before playing the Xbox. I got things squared away and ran to the auto parts store to get a bulb and then G took a break from the Xbox to help me put a new taillight in L's car. I dropped G off at practice, and then home and listed things on ebay, J helped a bit. I ran to pick G up and we headed home. The boys got cleaned up, we got something to eat, listed more things on ebay. Took a break to watch The Walking Dead with J and Mr. Pettit. Back into the office to ship ebay stuff and list more things until very late.