20181004 + Crosswalker

20181004 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In to the office and messing with stuff in the am and pushed a wrong button and messed up invoicing for the quarter.... Talked to CB about the potential changes and the huge price tag $$$. Played a shuffleboard game and still remain completely defeated... Had a good transition meeting to review the plan for this coming weekend. Finished the day up and had to make a couple of calls so did that on the road on the way home. Talked to the team from India and we are going to hold off on the changes for now... Called a couple co-workers too to keep things rolling. Home for only a minute and then ran G to baseball practice and then picked J up across the road from the school and we went looking at cars. J found a couple he liked and we had some fun looking. Home and ate, G home and L&I went to workout. I left L partway through to go get a haircut. Got L and headed home , got the boys to bed, up late checking on D.