20181017 + Pumpkin

20181017 + Up and dropped J off at school on the way into work. Expecting an exciting day, but the morning was very quiet and I was able to make some progress on many fronts. Finished the day and headed home. Got the carpet stretched out in the garage and then lined everything up in the basement that needed to go up. LJ&G helped carry the supplies up and I got the projector set up and tested. We all had left overs from last night and then I got the basement TV programmed to work without the cable box. L&I left J&G at home in an Xbox induced stupor and ran to Kevin's in Grove City to pick up a second projector for the party. On the way home we got a call from another boys dad that wanted to know if G had told us about the morning events... Apparently a kid at school shoved G and the other boy defended G by saying 'pick on someone your own size' and then a fight ensued... G's buddy got suspended :-o Finished the night shipping more ebay sales and then woke up sitting up in bed with the TV on before surrendering.