20181006 - Running and Hitting

20181006 - Up and L had dropped J off at school to go to a XC meet and then back home doing things. I got things organized and G&I headed out on some errands. We hit 2 banks and then swung by a house to look at a car for J. We then headed to Reynoldsburgh to pick up some auction items and then headed to Cedarville to watch D's scrimmage. It was the longest baseball game in history and just as it was time for us to leave D started playing... So I made arrangements with L to get the supplies required for the cookout at the college int he PM and G&I stayed at the game. D got up several times and did well and did good in the field. I was on the phone most of the time with the migration and it was keeping me plenty nervous... G&I bailed otu before the game was over to meet L&J at the outlet mall and then head down to D's college for the cookout. We sat with D's roommate's family and had a nice visit and I met some other players fathers that spoke very highly of D. If was a nice event and D went home with us, D&J drove my car home. Home exhausted, but tried to watch some college football before heading off to bed.