20181020 - OSU FOOTBALL PARTY!!!

20181020 - Up in the am and setting things up. L&I took a break and ran to the store to get last minute supplies. Back to the house and I had J&G unplug and come out to help. Jim from next door came over and helped the boys install some big flood lights on the shed. We then got all of the projectors out and other electronics hooked up and ready to roll. L got the food on at the right time and we got everything done with 20 minutes to spare before folks started showing up.

J&G used I don't even know how many cans of paint to create a football field and it looked pretty cool and they were happy with themselves. D and his roommate showed up and played with the boys in the backyard. Gma&paW showed up with more supplies and we were ready to roll. Soon friends and family started showing up despite the dropping temperature. We had a house full and some used the tents but we seemed to have plenty of room for the 68 folks in attendance. The food was great, the conversations and catching up were awesome, but we should have watched a different games as the Buckeyes played their worse game in probably the last half dozen years... As the gap in the score widened and the temperature dropped folks bailed out after halftime and with each Purdue score more gave up. We finished watching the game with only a handful of folks. A bad game, but a great night!