20181018 - Fist Pump

20181018 - Up in the am, no alarms, L woke me. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. He told me he has been walking home after school since XC is over. Had soap flavored coffee for the drive in to work... In to work and a very busy day. Headed out and hit some rough traffic on way home. Got some ebay stuff done and then Jason came over to finalize 401k roll over stuff and review Team App stuff for basketball team. J hiding in his room, Tom picked G up and took him to baseball .L&I headed out to GFS to get supplies for the party. Home and J&G out of sorts because they had to get off the Xbox for 3 minutes to help carry stuff in... I went into the office and heads down getting things done to avoid the boys and reacting to them... Up very late getting things listed and office cleaned out.