20181026 - Costumes and Pies

20181026 - Up in the am and L&J wished me happy bday. I dropped J off at school got some gas and swung through McD's to get myself a birthday sausage McMuffin :-) Got to work and it is loud in the office today as it is the Halloween dress up pizza party with pies for dessert. We had our costume competition and some of the girls really went all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. We had a nice pizza and pie lunch and then I finished the day up and headed out. Home through hard rain and crappy traffic. Picked up LJ&G and we headed to Easton, a 30 min drive due to traffic... We got our seats ordered our food and had dinner while we watched 'The House with a Clock in the Walls'. It was a cute show and we walked around Easton for a bit afterwards. home and J&I watched a couple of the Hellraiser movies while G watched the World Series. After J fell asleep and headed up to bed I joined G in the basement to watch some of the WS and of course it ended up being 18 innings and the longest WS game ever..