20181027 - Repair Riddler

20181027 - Up in the am and Mr. Pettit picked J&I up and we headed to Jere's. Chris managed the transaction and notary duties and preso we now have another car! J&I got in the new car (2008 Pontiac G6) and headed to the BMV where we didn't have to wait too long and got the title work done and a temporary tag. We then went down to the auto parts store and looked up and down each isle at the things you can buy for your car, J has big plans... I made sure he had jumper cables and an emergency kit and a rubber floor mat and a new headlight. Home and we pulled the car into the garage and he got the headlight changed, tag on and cleaned the inside up a bit :-) I headed into the office to get caught up. Took a break to run G to baseball practice and then met L&J at Tuffy where we left his car for a full inspection and oil change. Home and doing more in the office. I got things wrapped up in the office and took a little nap. D came home and then vanished with DGF7. L&I got all dressed up and headed out to a costume party with some work folks, L was Cat Woman and I was the Riddler. It was a neat party in a cool old house. J&G were home entrenched in the Xboxs. We didn't stay too late and got home and watched some of the World Series and then D&G headed to the basement to watch it and J&I watched the end of Friday the 13th 2 and all of part 3 before heading to bed.