20181024 - Up in the am and in to the office heads down getting things done. Got a lot done but didn't get far. Had a couple of calls and ended the work day in Pataskala at an IT company we are trying to drum up some business with as partners. I headed home after that meeting and got J&G and we quickly made it to the BMV where J got 'STUDENT DRIVER' bumper stickers and a rules of the road book to study. We then headed over to MSW where J&G did their running section of the Personal Fitness merit badge, running a timed mile. After that we swung by Jefferson Elementary so they could do pull-ups... how embarrassing... weaklings... Home for push-ups, sit-ups and a stretch test, amazed at how not flexible G is. L made us some dinner and we sat and ate together. I headed into the office to ship and work on ebay. Got called back to Jefferson for a uniform fitting for G and swing past the post office. Home and watched some of the worlds series, got the boys to bed and shipped some more stuff and worked in ebay until late.