20181019 - 3 Screen Ready

20181019 - Up in the am and this is the first morning this season I used the remote start on the car, very cold. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. We had a talk in the car about reactions this morning... In to work and getting things running right out of the gate so I can be done and get out of here in good time to finish getting things ready for Saturday's wet freeze fest. I headed out a bit early and got home to L getting things ready. She had a huge chunk of stuff done so I could focus on the tents and electronics. I had J&G helping with our tent and then Robby called and G&I ran to pick up the Scout tent. Back to the house and and Jim brought over his heater and speakers and hung around to help us set up the Scout tent and test the projector and speaker set up. L ran to Wendy's to get us some dinner and we finished up and made a  short list of things to get and do for tomorrow am.