20170923 - Delivery Man

20170923 - Up in the am and L headed to IN with Tiff to buy stuff. D was at his buddy's all night. G&I dropped J off at his soccer practice and headed to Staples to get stuff for work and PetSmart to get food for Lilly. We picked J up after his practice and headed home. Home and G barely carried the HUGE bag of dog food into the garage. J got changed and his buddy Conor came over to get him and they went to a skate park in Canal Winchester. G&I were watching the OSU game and were hungry so ordered some food to be delivered. We then cut out a new leg for the little picnic table and our food arrived delivered by D! We had a nice meal on the back porch watching the game. G called a bunch of buddies, but they were busy so no play dated for G. I headed in to the office to pay bills. J home and back out to his buddy Conor's. L home and doing laundry. Out of the office and to the back porch to watch some more football update the blog and work on college financial aid stuff. Tom stopped over to get some baseball scoring sheets and D&G headed back to the fields early to do some fielding.

D home to work on the mower. The McClains parked at our place and we walked back for G’s game, he was playing Brady tonight. G had a good game, pitched well, but they still lost. Home and D got the mower put back together and said it worked! Everyone came back to our place to hang out for a bit before calling it a night. J had Conor spend the night. All to bed in good time.