201170930 + Running, Hitting and Tackling

201170930 + Up in the am and LJ&GmaB to J's CC meet in Pickerington. D headed out to his baseball game and I ran to pick up G from his sleep over and head to D's game. D's team was playing well, G just sat tired in the chair. L reported that J ran an 11:53! L&GmaB showed up at D's game. D's team won so that means they play tomorrow.

Home and L&GmaB headed out to do some shopping, D&G got ready to head up to the farm, J went out to eat with some friends and I got the car washed at the Gahanna Swim Team car wash day and got a haircut. Home and D&G gone, L left to go to her room and change the decorations to the October theme. J home doing his chores and I am at the PC on the back porch trying to keep ahead of the curve. J had a couple of buddies come over and  headed back to the school. L got home and we headed back to watch some of Brady's game, it was COLD. We watched a bit and then headed home to watch the Buckeye game. I ordered some pizzas and L picked them up. We watched the game and had dinner, The game was boring so I got a lot of things done. J and his buddies played the xbox and we got some pics from D&G at the Indians game. They had a good time, a bit cold, but fun. They made it back to the farm and D and his buddy Chad were up late working on an old go-kart I had bought the boys years ago.